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  • Do you feel you have some good basics to start out with but crave a change that will enliven your room?

  • Do you have furnishings in many styles, colors and finishes and want to pull it all together seamlessly?

  • Is there one room in your house that just doesn’t feel as comfortable as the rest of your home?

  • Is there one room that you would like to use more often, but you just don’t know how to make it functional?

  • Do you want to update some older furniture to blend in with your other, newer furniture to create a more uniform appearance?

  • Is there one room that you enjoy entertaining in, but is just not arranged correctly to accommodate conversation as well as dining and seating areas?

It’s easy to get bored with the layout of a room. Interior arranging is the latest trend in home interior design – totally recreating the look of your rooms using your existing furnishings, art and accessories and allowing you to visualize your treasures from a new perspective. My creative design expertise brings an objective eye to your rooms and the result is a reflection of your personality and style.


For the One Day Room Makeover, I initially meet with you in your home and ask you questions that will help guide me in uncovering your personal style and design goals. On the day of the scheduled makeover, you are encouraged to leave your home while the transformation takes place. When you return, you will be greeted by a complete brand new look without the trouble or expense of a full-scale interior renovation. The result is not as much about each individual piece of furniture in your room as much as it is the creative fusion of elements and the way they are combined that produce dramatic effects.

Central to this process is the validation of the choices the client has made regarding their purchases, design style, and belongings as I work to enhance them, creating a cohesive, professionally-designed look that they are proud to show-off.

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