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You know your room is missing something, but you’re just not sure what it is. And, you may be hesitant to spend a lot on a piece of furniture if you’re not even sure it’s what you need or will cherish in the long-term.

My shopping appointments can work many ways. First, I will meet with you to mutually decide what you would like to have or what would bring extra emphasis to your room. We’ll also talk about your budget range and timeframe for acquiring the new piece. Then, we can either shop together or I can shop independently to offer you recommendations on purchases of furnishings and accessories to bring new focal points to your room. Through my sources, rest assured that you will get only the best selection of products at the lowest prices, thereby stretching your budget further.

This service is ideal for people who:

  • Can’t decide easily what they want

  • Don’t have the time to comparison shop at many stores for the right thing

  • Are afraid to commit to a large purchase without a second opinion

  • Need help to identify a good value

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